It all begins at the box. As gym owners, we know how important it is to support our members, not only with fitness but with proper gear too. It’s not always easy to supply your box with personal gear for your members– you need to order a lot of product and from multiple suppliers. We know it’s not easy so that’s why we started Syndicate Gear.

We offer turn key retail solutions for Affiliate gym owners.

It’s the combination of all the gyms that make the sport as big as it is. It’s the everyday gym with everyday members who continue to push for more. It’s the 90 per cent who keep the momentum of this sport going. Being affiliate owners we know how limited time is, so we have worked to make retail simple for gym owners. Here’s what we offer:

    • Easy ordering, billing and delivery
    • A great product at a great price so that you can supply your members with safe and affordable gear.
    • The Math- We will let you know how much your profit will be on every order you make.
    • Outstanding service and support, we’ll even contact you monthly to check-in to see how your gear is working for you.

Let us make it easy for you. We offer a starter pack that includes a mix of products in all sizes so that you can test out all the gear at your gym. Affiliates can also customize their order with whatever mix of products they want. With no minimum quantities or order sizes, even the smallest affiliate can offer products to their members.

Syndicate also makes supporting your members easy. Any product issues or warranty claims can be made through Syndicate with a single phone call and we offer a no hassles warranty.

Please log in with your Affiliate account to continue or email us at to setup your Affiliate account.